• Budget your power needs - most good companies in Pakistan have web sites where you can do your homework on.
  • Apartments and small houses need about 0.5-2 kva, while bigger residences and small offices can suffice with 5 kva or bigger. Get an idea of the size of the generator you want. Talk to friends who use a generator, ask your electrician / technician for advice.
  • The generator’s rated wattage/amperage capacity must be adequate to handle all electrical loads that the unit will power.
  • Study the Owner’s Manual carefully before installing, operating or servicing any equipment. Use this guide ONLY in conjunction with the Owner’s Manual.
  • The generator can operate safely, efficiently and reliably only if it is properly installed, operated and maintained.
  • For safety reasons, the manufacturer recommends that this equipment be installed, serviced and repaired by your local dealer or other competent, qualified electrician or installation technician.
  • Keep hands, feet, clothing, etc., away from drive belts, fans and other moving or hot parts.
  • Adequate, unobstructed flow of cooling and ventilating air is critical to prevent buildup of explosive gases and to ensure correct generator operation.
  • Do not alter the installation or permit even partial blockage of ventilation provisions, as this can seriously affect safe operation of the generator.
  • Connecting this generator to an electrical system, normally supplied by an electric utility, shall be by means of a transfer switch. Use good quality ones for durability and safety to prevent damage to the generator and your appliances.
  • A grounding lug is provided on the generator mounting base for the purpose of grounding the frame and the external electrically conductive parts of this equipment to an approved earth ground and/or grounding rods where required.
  • Make sure the generator is level within ½ inch. Some locations require the use of a poured concrete mounting pad. If you’re using a concrete pad, secure the base frame of the generator to the pad with appropriately sized masonry bolts or other fasteners specified by local code.
  • Check the engine oil, and if necessary, add enough of the recommended oil to bring the level up to the FULL mark on the dipstick. Be careful not to overfill the crankcase.

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